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Hi, my name is Sander.

I am a Digital Designer / Digital Strategist with a huge passion for photography.

I love creating visuals that can tell a story or convey emotions. As a designer I've been passionate about visuals all my life.

As a photographer I take my camera (Canon 6D Mark II) with me wherever I go and try to capture the most beautiful environments I come across.

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I love it when others like and promote my work!

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My photos have been viewed over 2 million times and downloaded over 14,500 times at Unsplash

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Planning a trip to Argentina? Before you go, make sure you read my photographic story with lots of tips!

It's a visual ode to the beauty of Argentina's nature in which I also added interactive maps with all the locations of the photos. Plus recommendations of nice guest houses, must-do tours, chill places to lunch etcetera. A complete guide for travelling through Argentina.

You can read the story here →


I like using my own photography when visualising an idea or creating slides for presentations.